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TIAN Yu-yuan, ZHANG Jia-qi, JIANG Xiao-tong, SUN Mei-yu, SHI Qiang, ZHU Lin-wei. Double doughnut-shaped focal spots with controllable position in axial direction[J]. Chinese Optics. doi: 10.37188/CO.2022-0036
Citation: TIAN Yu-yuan, ZHANG Jia-qi, JIANG Xiao-tong, SUN Mei-yu, SHI Qiang, ZHU Lin-wei. Double doughnut-shaped focal spots with controllable position in axial direction[J]. Chinese Optics. doi: 10.37188/CO.2022-0036

Double doughnut-shaped focal spots with controllable position in axial direction

doi: 10.37188/CO.2022-0036
Funds:  Supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 62174073 and No. 61675093); Key Research and Development Project of Shandong Province (No. 2019JZZY020219); Program of Science and Technology Development of Yantai (No. 2020XDRH095).
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  • In order to generate double doughnut-shaped focal spots in adjustable position along axial direction. Based on a formula of annular radius derived from vector diffraction integral, a vortex phase zone plate was designed to produce the double doughnut-shaped focal spots in axial direction. The focusing properties of the modulated vortex phase zone plate was further investigated in tightly focused system. First, integral formulas of linearly and circularly polarized vortex beams were calculated under high NA focusing condition. Then the intensity distributions of linearly and circularly polarized vortex beams in high NA focusing system were simulated by the integral formulas with various axial shifting distances and topological charges. Finally, the corresponding experimental results of linearly and circularly polarized light were also given, utilizing a spatial light modulator loaded on double doughnut-shaped phase patterns. The double doughnut-shaped focal spots with the topological charge of 1 and axial distances of ±10 μm and ±15 μm were produced when the incident light was linear polarization. As well as the double doughnut-shaped focal spots with axial distances of ±20 μm and topological charge of 1−4 were also produced when the incident light was circular polarization. The simulated and experimental results demonstrated that two doughnut-shape focal spots with controllable axial shifting distance and dark spot size could be produced in the tight focusing region of a high NA objective when it modulated by the vortex phase zone plate. This kind of vortex phase zone plate could be applied in the field of optical micromanipulation, two-beam super-resolution nanolithography, and stimulated-emission-depletion fluorescence microscopy (STED).


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