Volume 3 Issue 5
Nov.  2010
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LEI Jian-guo, LIU Tian-hang, LIN Jing-quan, GAO Xun, LI Bao-zeng. New applications of surface plasmon polaritons[J]. Chinese Optics, 2010, 3(5): 432-439.
Citation: LEI Jian-guo, LIU Tian-hang, LIN Jing-quan, GAO Xun, LI Bao-zeng. New applications of surface plasmon polaritons[J]. Chinese Optics, 2010, 3(5): 432-439.

New applications of surface plasmon polaritons

  • Received Date: 17 May 2010
  • Rev Recd Date: 23 Jul 2010
  • Publish Date: 25 Oct 2010
  • Surface plasmon polaritons(SPPs) are the wave modes propagating at the interface between a metal and a dielectric. Firstly, the basic characteristics and the excitation modes of SPPs are introduced briefly in this paper. Then, a new method to produce coherent extreme ultraviolet radiation based on the light field enhancement of Surface Plasmon Resonance(SPR) is described, which can greatly improve the photon flux of a light source. The new application of SPPs in the fields of biology and medical treatment is analyzed, and the major technologies and principles of curing cancer are discussed. Moreover, the development and application of several kinds of new light sources and energy sources are introduced, meanwhile, the new processes and technologies of solar cells, photonic chips and integrated circuits are summarized, including some of the most improtant achievements made in recent years. Finally, the rapid development and enormous contribution of SPPs to the field of optical storage is discussed.


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