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WANG Qian, CAI Wei-wei, TAO Bo. Laser intensity distribution measurement method based on tomographic imaging[J]. Chinese Optics.
Citation: WANG Qian, CAI Wei-wei, TAO Bo. Laser intensity distribution measurement method based on tomographic imaging[J]. Chinese Optics.

Laser intensity distribution measurement method based on tomographic imaging

Funds:  Supported by State Key Laboratory of Laser Interaction with Matter Research Fund (No. SKLLIM1809)
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  • In order to accurately measure the laser intensity distribution, this paper proposes a method based on tomographic imaging. Firstly, numerical studies were performed to validate the correctness of the imaging model and convergence of the reconstruction algorithm. Reconstruction errors were less than or equal to 7.02% with different laser intensity distribution phantoms employed and less than 8.5% with the addition of different random noise levels under 10%. Additionally, a demonstration experiment was performed with the employment of a customized fiber bundle to realize the measurement from seven views. Seven views are distributed along a semi-circle plane which is perpendicular to the propagation direction of the laser beam. The distance from the laser beam to each view is nearly 160 mm and the angle coverage range of the seven views is about 150°. Laser-induced fluorescence obtained after the laser passed through a rhodamine-ethanol solution was collected by the tomographic imaging system. Then, the laser intensity distribution was obtained through absorption-corrected three-dimensional (3D) reconstruction. The correlation of the projection and re-projection of the one view was used to quantitatively access the accuracy after the other six views were adopted in the reconstruction. The results show the feasibility of the method with a correlation coefficient of 0.9802. It can be predicted that the 3D laser intensity measurement scheme proposed in this work has a broad prospect in the field of laser applications.


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