Volume 12 Issue 3
Jun.  2019
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MA Guang-hui, ZHANG Jia-bin, ZHANG He, JIN Liang, WANG Guan-xin, XU Ying-tian. Resonant mode of Fabry-Perot microcavity regulated by metal surface plasmons[J]. Chinese Optics, 2019, 12(3): 649-662. doi: 10.3788/CO.20191203.0649
Citation: MA Guang-hui, ZHANG Jia-bin, ZHANG He, JIN Liang, WANG Guan-xin, XU Ying-tian. Resonant mode of Fabry-Perot microcavity regulated by metal surface plasmons[J]. Chinese Optics, 2019, 12(3): 649-662. doi: 10.3788/CO.20191203.0649

Resonant mode of Fabry-Perot microcavity regulated by metal surface plasmons

doi: 10.3788/CO.20191203.0649

National Natural Foundation-Youth Foundation Project 21707010

the Excellent Youth Foundation of Jilin Province 20180520194JH

Changchun University of Science and Technology Innovation Foundation Project XJJLG-2016-07

More Information
  • Corresponding author: XU Ying-tian, E-mail:xyt@cust.edu.cn
  • Received Date: 11 May 2018
  • Rev Recd Date: 05 Jul 2018
  • Publish Date: 01 Jun 2019
  • At present, the use of zinc oxide(ZnO) micro-nanowire structures in ultraviolet laser devices with natural resonant cavities has attracted wide attention at home and abroad. Aiming at the problems of the luminescence and stability caused by ZnO intrinsic defects, research on the local field luminescence enhancement of plasmons is very important for the application of ZnO-based UV laser devices. In this paper, ZnO micro-wire structure model is constructed by theoretical simulation and the micro-cavity optical loss and Fabry-Perot(F-P) resonant cavity mode evolution are theoretically analyzed. The relationship between the diameter change of ZnO microcavity and the evolution of the F-P resonance mode, optical loss and light intensity distribution is obtained. On this basis, the six surfaces of ZnO microwires are modified by metal Ag nanoparticles. It is found that the resonance coupling effect of metal local surface plasmons significantly inhibited the loss of light around the microcavity and the local field enhancement is realized by the resonance coupling effect at the intersection of the metal and the microcavity. The simulation results show that after the surface of the microcavity is modified with Ag nanoparticles, the confinement ability of the optical field increased by 6.72%, while the secondary coupling occurs along the X axis between the metal particles, and the electric field intensity is enhanced by 2 times.


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