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Jan.  2017
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CHEN Xie-yu, TIAN Zhen. Recent progress in terahertz dynamic modulation based on graphene[J]. Chinese Optics, 2017, 10(1): 86-97. doi: 10.3788/CO.20171001.0086
Citation: CHEN Xie-yu, TIAN Zhen. Recent progress in terahertz dynamic modulation based on graphene[J]. Chinese Optics, 2017, 10(1): 86-97. doi: 10.3788/CO.20171001.0086

Recent progress in terahertz dynamic modulation based on graphene

doi: 10.3788/CO.20171001.0086

Supported by National Program on Key Basic Research Projects of China 2014CB339800

National Natural Science Foundation of China 61427814

National Natural Science Foundation of China 61138001

National Natural Science Foundation of China 61422509

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  • Corresponding author: E-mail:tianzhen@tju.edu.cn
  • Received Date: 13 Sep 2016
  • Rev Recd Date: 20 Oct 2016
  • Publish Date: 25 Feb 2017
  • Graphene is a two-dimensional material and has unique electrical and optical properties, which has been widely used in the research of terahertz wave dynamic modulation in recent years. In this paper, we reviews the terahertz wave dynamic modulation device based on graphene, analyze the principle and advantages and disadvantages of three kind of modulation methods such as electrical modulation, optical modulation and photoelectric hybrid modulation. We introduce a series of research achievements on the application of graphene in THz wave dynamic modulation in recent years, compare and analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the modulation performance of different devices. Graphene tunable metamaterial provides a new way to achieve more rapid and efficient terahertz modulator.


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