Volume 5 Issue 4
Aug.  2012
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ZHANG Jing-xu. Overview of structure technologies of large aperture ground-based telescopes[J]. Chinese Optics, 2012, 5(4): 327-336. doi: 10.3788/CO.20120504.0327
Citation: ZHANG Jing-xu. Overview of structure technologies of large aperture ground-based telescopes[J]. Chinese Optics, 2012, 5(4): 327-336. doi: 10.3788/CO.20120504.0327

Overview of structure technologies of large aperture ground-based telescopes

doi: 10.3788/CO.20120504.0327
  • Received Date: 21 Mar 2012
  • Rev Recd Date: 23 May 2012
  • Publish Date: 10 Aug 2012
  • The developing status of large aperture ground-based telescopes is reviewed in this paper. The significance of bigger apertures for telescopes and their main technological approaches are expatiated and the summary on appliance values of modern large aperture telescopes is given. Then, it introduces five kinds of modern typical large telescope systems, which represent the topmost technological level. The key structures and technologies of large telescopes about mount, telescope tubes, primary mirror supports and secondary mirror assemblies are disscussed. Finally, it summarizes the developing trends of the large aperture ground-based telescopes and points out that some of the optical systems in the telescopes have been changed from coaxial systems to off-axial systems, while they are better application prospects.


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