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MAO Hao-di, LI Yuan-yang, GUO Jin. Wavefront reconstruction for extended targets under strong atmospheric turbulence[J]. Chinese Optics. doi: 10.37188/CO.2023-0213
Citation: MAO Hao-di, LI Yuan-yang, GUO Jin. Wavefront reconstruction for extended targets under strong atmospheric turbulence[J]. Chinese Optics. doi: 10.37188/CO.2023-0213

Wavefront reconstruction for extended targets under strong atmospheric turbulence

doi: 10.37188/CO.2023-0213
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  • Corresponding author: guojin@ciomp.ac.cn
  • Received Date: 28 Nov 2023
  • Accepted Date: 18 Mar 2024
  • Available Online: 11 Apr 2024
  • In order to solve the problem of wavefront detection without ideal point beacon in adaptive optical system under strong turbulent environment, this paper proposes a method to detect the optical field information of extended beacons by using a Plenoptic sensor. The optical field imaging principle, wavefront phase reconstruction algorithm and error influence rule of extended beacons are studied. The imaging process of the extended beacon on the optical field sensor is simplified by using the equivalence method, and the optical field images are rearranged in a specific way. The wavefront reconstruction of 0° field of view is realized by image cross-correlation method and Zernike mode method. Simulation studies were carried out on error influencing factors such as different input aberration coefficients, the number of single-row microlens elements and noise. The results show that: When the input aberration is less than 6.5λ, the wavefront reconstruction accuracy is about 0.08λ. For the image detector with image resolution of 1080×1080 and pixel size of 5.5 μm, the wavefront reconstruction accuracy is the highest when the number of single row microlens units is between 40 and 50, and the system noise hardly affects the accuracy. Finally, an extended beacon wavefront detection system is built to reconstruct the four aberration wavefronts of 0° field of view by detecting the extended beacon. The wavefront reconstruction accuracy of the experimental system is about 0.04λ, which basically meets the wavefront detection requirements of the adaptive optical system.


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