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LI Long, SHI Shuai, GONG Ting, TIAN Ya-li, GUO Gu-qing, QIU Xuan-bing, XIONG Xiao-he, LI Chuan-liang. Research on laser online monitoring equipment for high-temperature corrosive gas in coal-fired boilers[J]. Chinese Optics. doi: 10.37188/CO.2023-0209
Citation: LI Long, SHI Shuai, GONG Ting, TIAN Ya-li, GUO Gu-qing, QIU Xuan-bing, XIONG Xiao-he, LI Chuan-liang. Research on laser online monitoring equipment for high-temperature corrosive gas in coal-fired boilers[J]. Chinese Optics. doi: 10.37188/CO.2023-0209

Research on laser online monitoring equipment for high-temperature corrosive gas in coal-fired boilers

doi: 10.37188/CO.2023-0209
Funds:  Supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. U1810129, No. 52076145, No. 12304403); Fund Program for the Scientific Activities of Selected Returned Overseas Professionals in Shanxi Province (No. 20230031); Shanxi Scholarship Council of China (No. 2023-151); Fundamental Research Program of Shanxi Province (No. 202203021222204)
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  • The coal-fired boiler combustion process's economic, safety, and environmental performance holds great significance when constructing smart power plants. In coal-fired boiler combustion, H2S and CO are the two main high-temperature corrosive gases. They not only corrode the boiler near the wall surface but also pose severe harm to the atmospheric environment through their exhaust gases. Based on the near-infrared tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy technology, combined with wavelength modulation spectroscopy and frequency division multiplexing technology, an unstaffed online real-time monitoring instrument for H2S and CO gas concentrations in the main combustion zone of coal-fired boilers was developed. Gas absorption spectroscopy in the 6335−6341 cm−1 range was simulated, and two near-infrared lasers near 1.5 μm were selected as the laser source. A high-temperature and corrosion-resistant Herriott-type multi-pass cell was developed to attain an effective optical path length of 15 m for the interaction between laser and gas. Hardware circuits and corresponding firmware programs were developed to attain secondary demodulation of the absorption spectroscopy signals of H2S and CO and concentration inversion. The linearity and Allan variance experiments showed linear fitting correlation coefficients of 0.9998 and 0.9995. At 73 s and 53 s integration times, the minimum detection limits for H2S and CO were 0.2×10−6 mol/mol and 0.344×10−6 mol/mol, respectively. Finally, the developed instrument was applied in the combustion atmosphere of the main combustion zone of a 300 MW coal-fired boiler under a four-corner tangential firing system, and synchronous measurements of H2S and CO near the water-cooled wall were conducted. The results indicated a positive correlation between the concentrations of H2S and CO in the boiler, with anaerobic combustion leading to an increase in the content of these gases and causing corrosion to the water-cooled wall.


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