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SUN Tangzheng, LI Yunfei, TAN Jingrong, DU Xiaojuan, DING Jiayu, REN Shuting, XU Hao, WANG Chong, YANG Jinfang, ZHANG Mingxia, ZHU Yongle, DONG Zhong, LING Weijun. Tandem pumped Q-switched mode-locked laser operation of Tm:CYA laser[J]. Chinese Optics. doi: 10.37188/CO.2023-0162
Citation: SUN Tangzheng, LI Yunfei, TAN Jingrong, DU Xiaojuan, DING Jiayu, REN Shuting, XU Hao, WANG Chong, YANG Jinfang, ZHANG Mingxia, ZHU Yongle, DONG Zhong, LING Weijun. Tandem pumped Q-switched mode-locked laser operation of Tm:CYA laser[J]. Chinese Optics. doi: 10.37188/CO.2023-0162

Tandem pumped Q-switched mode-locked laser operation of Tm:CYA laser

doi: 10.37188/CO.2023-0162
Funds:  Supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 62165012); Key R&D Program of Gansu Province (No. 21YFIGE300); Gansu Provincial Higher Education Industry Support and Guidance Project (No. 2020C-23); Gansu Provincial Department of Education: Education Unveiling and Leading Project (No. 2021jyjbgs-06); Gansu Provincial Higher Education Innovation Fund Project (No. 2021B-190); Qinzhou District Science and Technology Plan (No. 2021-SHFZG-1442); 2023 Gansu Provincial University Young Doctoral Support Project (No. 2023QB-013); Tianshui Normal University 2022 special project for the construction of scientific research and innovation platform (No. PTJ2022-06); Tianshui Normal University Graduate Innovation Guidance Project (No. TYCX2235); Gansu Province Outstanding Graduate Innovation Star Program (No. 2022CXZX-796)、 Graduate Innovation Star Program (No. 2023CXZX-792).
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  • Passively Q-switched mode-locked operation was realized for the first time by inserting a semiconductor saturable absorption mirror (SESAM) mode-locking element into a Tm:CaYALO4(Tm:CYA) laser using in-band pumping technology. The laser cavity adopted an X-type four-mirror cavity structure, and the pump source was an Er:Y3Al5O12(Er:YAG) solid-state laser with a central wavelength of 1650 nm. Output coupling mirrors with transmittances of 0.5%, 1.5%, 3%, and 5% were used to study the laser’s continuous wave (CW) output and mode-locking output characteristics. The experimental results show that the laser has the best output characteristics when an output coupling mirror with a transmittance of 5% is used. The maximum power of 894 mW and the maximum slope efficiency of 16% were obtained when the laser operated in the CW regime. After the CW power was optimized to the highest, the SESAM mode-locked element was added to the optical path. When the absorbed pump power became greater than 1.86 W, the laser operation entered an unstable Q-switched state; when the absorbed pump power increased to 5.7 W, a stable passively Q-switched mode-locked operation was achieved; when the absorbed pump power reached 6.99 W, a mode-locked pulse laser with a maximum output power of 399 mW was obtained by using a 5% output mirror. At that time, the repetition frequency under the Q-switched envelope was 98.11 MHz, the pulse width was 619.4 ps, and the corresponding maximum single pulse energy was 4.07 nJ. The mode-locked pulse modulation depth in a Q-switched envelope was observed to be close to 100%. The experimental results show that same-band pumping technology can be used in lasers to generate Q-switched mode-locked pulses, which provides a new pumping method for generating ultrashort pulse lasers.


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