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JI Xiao-qiang, LIU Zhen-yao, LI Bing-lin, RAO Zhi, LI Gui-wen, SU Li-wei. Non-contact perception of physiological parameters from face video[J]. Chinese Optics. doi: 10.37188/CO.2021-0157
Citation: JI Xiao-qiang, LIU Zhen-yao, LI Bing-lin, RAO Zhi, LI Gui-wen, SU Li-wei. Non-contact perception of physiological parameters from face video[J]. Chinese Optics. doi: 10.37188/CO.2021-0157

Non-contact perception of physiological parameters from face video

doi: 10.37188/CO.2021-0157
Funds:  Supported by Department of Science and Technology of Natural Science Foundation of Jilin Province under grant number (No. 20210204131YY)
  • Available Online: 2021-10-19
  •   Objetive   In order to allow subjects to detect various physiological parameters under non-contactconditions in daily life.  Method  A method based on imaging photoplethysmography has been proposed to estimate physiological parameters from face videos recorded by mobile phone in this paper. First, the "wavelet transform-principal component analysis-blind source separation" algorithm is proposed to extract the RGB three-channel pulse wave signal with high signal-to-noise ratio. Then, the green channel signal is processed separately in the frequency domain and the time domain to estimate the heart rate and respiration rate;the pulse wave signals of the red and blue channels are processed, and then combined with the oxygen saturation detected by the oximeter to perform data fitting, and the best linear equation for estimating the oxygen saturation value from the facial video is found. Finally, the error of the estimation results of various physiological parameters under natural light is compared, and the estimation results of each parameter under three lighting environments are analyzed.  Result  The results show that under the three lighting environments, the average error of heart rate is 0.5512 bpm, the average error of respiration rate is −0.6321 brpm, and the average error of oxygen saturation is −0.2743%.   Conclusion  In summary, the non-contact physiological parameter estimation method proposed in this paper has high accuracy, universality and stability, and the estimation result is highly consistent with the measurement result of the standard instrument, which can meet the needs of daily physiological parameter measurement.
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